The Market Intelligence Platform for eCommerce

eCommerce teams use Prive to capitalize on pricing, product, and merchandising opportunities in order to boost revenue, margin, and react faster to where the market is heading. Prive is the only source for D2C market and product performance data.

Capitalize on market opportunities

Product Launches

Launching a new product? Identify new opportunities and launch with competitive pricing and assortment to position your product for market success.

Pricing & Discounting

Deciding if you should raise prices? Looking for clarity with your discounting cadence? With transparent pricing comps protect against lost revenue and margin.

Merchandising & Inventory

Red or blue? 6-pack or 12? Should we order more to react to market-wide stockouts? Equip yourself to make better and faster merchandising decisions.

Competitor Audits

Putting together a comp deck? Assessing new entrants into your market? Waste no time looking for data and cut straight to the strategy.

Category Expansion

Looking to launch a new category for summer? Understand what the market is demanding, where players are entering, and equip yourself to react and capitalize.

Marketing & Social

Re-thinking your social posting cadence? Messaging your next sale? Understand how your competitors are leveraging social & ads so you can strategically plan.

Track brands in your market. Discover more opportunity.

Prive is the first platform to enable brands to analyze strategic signals such as inventory and pricing data across their competitors. The data we provide is a more transparent insight into competitor activity than any other source.

Your market ticker for competitor products. Realtime and configurable leaderboards for top performing, fastest restocked, most recently launched, and highest price moving products.

Product Performance
See top restocked and fastest selling products to know what products and variants are hotly demanded.

Recent Launches
Know by the minute when a new product or collection is dropped.
Price Movers
See top price moving products to know exactly where prices are trending.

Market Analytics & Trends

Analysis on the state of your market today from who’s on sale to what’s out of stock, to where prices are trending.

Respond to market signals such as stock-outs, new drops, or price changes
Capitalize on new product & expansion opportunities

Competitor Product Analytics

The search engine for your market.
Access an exhaustive SKU-level inventory catalog of all of your competitor's products. Dig deeper into products by understanding their price and inventory history.

Increase revenue and enhance margins through market pricing opportunities
Boost sell-through with optimal assortment and mix
Understand and benchmark sell-through and replenishment speed of your competitors

Competitor Audits

With curated insight updates and SKU-level comps, get timely analysis on market trends and opportunities in a way that's ready to consume.

Save money spent on accessing competitor data
Save time. Receive data ready to consume for decision-making
Get insights when you need them, not just on a quarterly basis
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The only source of D2C product performance data. Get a complete view of your market.